Add a bit of flavour to your Facebook photos with iSpicePhotos

Add a bit of flavour to your Facebook photos with iSpicePhotos

iSpicePhotos is a new iPad app from Lebanese developers Fadi Bizri, Chady Kassouf and Davina Atallah. Conceived in the space of 48 hours at Lebanon’s YallaStartupWeekend in Beirut in November of last year, the app recently launched to the public.

iSpicePhotos aims to cut through the noise on Facebook, giving users a quick and easy way to get straight to your most popular photos, as well as allowing you to browse photos according to various factors.

Bizri explains the concept behind the app, saying that it aims, “To create value for users by using social metadata around photos to qualify and rank them, as well as to make inferences about a user’s friendships over time, i.e. who your best friends were for 2009. In essence, iSpicePhotos lets users rediscover special moments by analyzing the behavioral ‘bread crumbs’ left on their photos.”

They decided to launch the product as an iPad app to begin with because they felt, “It was the best device to showcase the unique design, stats and photos with an appealing user experience.”

After granting the app access to your Facebook profile, using a series of calculations, it’s able to determine which of your photos are the most popular, and uses them to create a wall of fame. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with iSpicePhotos. Click on the little chili icon in the bottom right hand corner to access all sorts of interesting stats, as well as additional ways to browse your photos, by year.

The stats provided by iSpicePhoto give you a bit of insight into your social life and which friends you interact with the most on the social network. Stats include who your biggest fan on Facebook is, a graph of your tag and comment activity on Facebook, and information on the types of photos you upload and comments you receive.

You can view your photos by date or popularity, and you can even add a bit of spice to how the photos are displayed. They can be viewed in normal, black and white or sepia modes, as well as in spiced mode, which adds a blue tint to your photos. After determining which photos you want to browse, you can swipe to scroll through them, or view them as a slideshow.

iSpicePhotos is available for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store. A free, limited version has also been released, which allows you to access photos and statistics from 2010 only.

iSpicePhotos is a great add-on app for Facebook aficionados who have tons of photos posted to their account, and are looking for a fun and easy way to take a digital trip down memory lane.

Have you downloaded the app? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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