Replace your Mac’s dock with Tab Launcher

Replace your Mac’s dock with Tab Launcher

Tab Launcher, a brand new app available for download from the Mac App Store, doesn’t try to position itself as an alternative to the Mac’s native dock. But that is exactly what the handy little app is.

The free app is a great way to maximize your Macbook’s screen real estate, and with rumours of the new Macbook Air on its way this month, this is probably going to want to be one of the first apps you install on your new laptop.

Tab Launcher is a small menu bar consisting of a series of tabs or folders. After installing it, you can choose where to position it on your screen by dragging and dropping the menu. It can be placed at the bottom of the screen, or to the right or left.

Tab Launcher is fully customizable. You can change the theme, the tab colours, as well as add, delete and rename tabs. You can also adjust the transparency of the menu both when it is open and closed.

The default setup for Tab Launcher comes with three labels – Main, Net and Tools, giving you an idea of how the menu can be used to keep your apps organized, without using up too much screen real estate. To get the most out of Tab Launcher, try to categorize the list of apps that you use on a regular basis and create tabs based on those categories. Then simply drag and drop the apps into their tabs. Before you know it, you may never use your Mac’s dock ever again.

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