Flick and Share: one-click downloading for Flickr sets

Flick and Share: one-click downloading for Flickr sets

Have you ever wanted to send a friend a whole set of photos that you’ve already posted on Flickr? Rather than bother with the hassle of email, or forcing your friends to download the pictures one by one, a newly launched free service makes it as easy as clicking a button.

After granting Flick and Share access to your Flickr account, you’ll be able to select which of your sets you want to share with others.

After selecting the set, simply click the ‘Get your sharing link’ button to generate the url.

No one can download the images unless they have the privately generated link.

There are absolutely no limitations to the service. No matter how many sets or photos you want to share, Flick and Share has you covered. Simply select your set, hit the share button, and generate the link.

When you share the link with others, they will be able to download the entire set at the click of a button. The easiest method does, however, require the latest version of Java.

If your friends have an aversion to Java, Flick and Share does suggest an alternate method, using a generated list of links, which you can then download at once using a download manager, such as DownThemAll.

Without having to sign up for the service, anyone can download the images at their original resolution, as long as they have the link.

Flick and Share comes courtesy of, QanikLab, a Venice based IT company.

Do you have a quick and easy way to share your Flickr sets? Let us know in the comments.

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