Iaza gives you every image editing feature you’ll ever need on one page

Iaza gives you every image editing feature you’ll ever need on one page

Iaza is a no-frills online image editor that probably meets just about every basic photo editing need you might have. The web app consists of one page, featuring a mammoth list of editing options, divided into the four main categories, Convert, Edit, Mix and Create.

You can upload the file from your computer, or if you already have it stored online, simply copy and paste the link.

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Under Convert, you can adjust the image’s contrast, brightness, saturation and more, as well as converting the actual file type with common formats supported including .gif, .jpg, and .png.The extent of the features on Iaza is pretty impressive.

In addition to basic editing features, you can add some interesting filters to your images, add a watermark to your images, or create a collage of images. Some of the filters do leave a little bit to be desired, but all things considered, it’s quite a useful webapp to have handy.

What really makes Iaza stand out is the fact that it makes things as simple as possible. Simply select the feature you want to try out and apply it to your image. If you want to undo any changes you’ve applied to your image, hit the back button in your browser.

The service is available in 12 languages including French, English and Italian.

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