Eventbrite announces its new iPad app that will revolutionize ticket sales

Eventbrite announces its new iPad app that will revolutionize ticket sales

To kick off this week’s big event, Internet Week in New York City, the Eventbrite team announced the release of Eventbrite At The Door, a groundbreaking iPad app that gives event attendees the same flexibility in purchasing tickets that they enjoy while using the site. The app was created to allow organizers to sell tickets from any location, to eliminate the tedious nature of the cashbox and to help organizers collect information from last-minute purchases in an effective, unobtrusive way.

Because Eventbrite attracts events held in nontraditional venues, a common issue organizers face is the inability to accept credit cards for on-site ticket sales. Let’s face it – cash-only establishments are a turn-off. “I have to run to the ATM” is probably the most loathed string of words in the English language. Add to that the impracticality of it all, for example, an event held on a boat or a rooftop is unlikely to have an ATM close by. Having to locate one, submit to a surcharge, and return to the event in hopes that the venue isn’t at capacity is sure to be a wet blanket on any event.

This is where Eventbrite At The Door comes in. The app alleviates the problems both organizers and attendees face without introducing the middleman element of a box office. Organizers don’t have to risk losing business because they’re ill equipped with a cashbox. The ticket sale process is intuitive, which makes it ideal for quickly training single-day staff. Keeping security a priority, the app encrypts all data and backs up the collected information automatically. If the iPad should lose a signal for any reason, the app continues to work offline and processes the orders once WiFi has been restored.

Check out a video of the iPad app below:

Perhaps what is most beneficial to the organizer, Eventbrite At The Door syncs their at-the-door sales with sales made previously through Eventbrite – giving them a concise, organized picture of ticket sales. Important data is lost each time a cash exchange is made – the app will help event organizers see their event in real numbers.

On the flipside, attendees will no longer have to carry an excess of cash on them to buy tickets at the door. When purchasing a ticket through the app, they’ll incur a fee of 2.5% plus .99 cents per ticket – the same fee they would’ve incurred had they ordered tickets through the website. Guests who have misplaced or lost their ticket can easily be confirmed through the app, as well.

In its five years, Eventbrite has always championed for the everyday event organizer. They’ve made sharing events through social media a process so simple your grandmother could figure it out; their interface makes it easy to stumble upon relevant events you might of otherwise not heard of. Hot off the heels of its $50 million funding round, Eventbrite strives to utilize emerging technologies in a way that democratizes event organizing, and this innovative iPad app is a testament of the company understanding the challenges event organizer’s face.

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