Get drunk like a super spy with The Bond Mixology app

Get drunk like a super spy with The Bond Mixology app

If you’re only casually familiar with James Bond then you might think that the only drink he ever ordered was his classic “Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.” But Bond was actually a much more adventurous drinker than that. In fact, he has consumed a huge array of cocktails including the Vesper, Mint Juleps, Champagne and good old Bourbon.

Now you can catalogue, mix and drink through the entire history of Bond drinks with The Bond Mixology [$1.99, App Store] for iPhone. It’s a movie-by-movie catalogue of all of the various libations that Bond partook of, including a breakdown of when and where he did.

In addition to the movie breakdown, you also get a set of trivia and images right from the IMDB pages of the movie, recipes and serving instructions for every drink and recommended brands and types of mixers that have been stated as the preferences of 007.

The catalog of movies and details about each drink are filled out nicely  with some context about the type of liquor and his drinking companions. The Bond Mixology doesn’t have a huge array of drinks like some of the other drink recipe apps out there, but you have to give it points for sticking to the theme and executing it well.

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