Qwiki now lets you give yourself a Qwiki

Qwiki now lets you give yourself a Qwiki

Doug Imbruce, the CEO of Qwiki took the stage today at Tech Crunch Disrupt in New York City to give the audience an update since the visual feast of search won Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco last year. Qwiki is software that strings together content from sites such as Wikipedia, Google, Fotopedia and YouTube, and presents that content in a narrated, multimedia format called a Qwiki.

In January of this year, Qwiki launched to the public and raised $8 million in a Series A funding with funding from the founders of Facebook, YouTube and Groupon, bringing total funding to $9 million. One month ago, Qwiki released its iPad app, which clocked 300,000 downloads in the first two weeks.

Today, Imbruce announced Qwiki’s newest feature: “The ability to give yourself a Qwiki”, or in other words, produce a Qwiki all about you. While the feature isn’t live on the site yet, it’s relatively easy to do using Facebook connect. Qwiki lets you choose which Facebook information you’d like to pull in such as basic information, photos, relationship info and location.

See Radiohead’s Qwiki here:

Qwiki’s on-the-fly, interactive experiences pull from over 3 million reference topics indexed. See our interview with Founder Doug Imbruce here.

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