Google, Apple asked to require app privacy policies by Senator Al Franken

Google, Apple asked to require app privacy policies by Senator Al Franken

Senator Al Franken, the representative that initiated a hearing on smartphone data privacy last month, has sent a letter to Apple and Google, who both attended the hearing. The Loop reports that the letter is a follow-up to the testimony given by the two companies.

In the letter, Franken asks that policies be instituted by the companies requiring that apps be more explicit about how they use customer data.

“If the companies agree to this request, consumers who purchase apps from Apple or Google’s app stores would have a clearer understanding of what information is being collected about them and with whom it’s being shared,” wrote Franken, “Apple and Google have each said time and again that they are committed to protecting users’ privacy. This is an easy opportunity for your companies to put that commitment into action.”

Apple sent VP of Software technology Bud Tribble to the conference, Google sent Alan Davidson, a lobbyist. Both companies tried to assure the Senate of their honorable intentions regarding the privacy of user’s data.

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