Txtot for iPhone ensures you’ll never forget to send that important text message

Txtot for iPhone ensures you’ll never forget to send that important text message

How many times have you made a mental note to send a text message to arrange a meetup with a friend or noted down a date to remind yourself that you need to text your sister on her birthday, only to forget and end up sending a belated message apologising for your lateness?

A new iPhone app called Txtot (Text on time) is aiming to make these embarrassments a thing of the past by scheduling text messages and reminding you when you need to send them. There’s no more creating calendar events to remind you to send a message or writing post-it notes that will get lost under the pile of work on your desk.

Txtot employs a very simple interface, allowing the user to enter a message in the same way they would in a normal iPhone text message. The app simply asks for a date and time to be entered and will then queue a message to remind the user at the specified time.

When the time comes, Txtot will automatically flash up a prompt on a user’s iPhone, asking them whether they want to send that message. If the user chooses to, the app will automatically populate the native SMS app on the iPhone, only requiring the user to physically press the send button within the editor.

If you are one of those people that has all the right intentions to send that all-important message but always manage to forget, Txtot will be a potential lifesaver. Simply fill in the details a year ahead of time and relax, the app will do all the hard work for you.

Txtot is free on the App Store and can be downloaded here.

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