The Heist, a gorgeous iPhone puzzle game from MacHeist

The Heist, a gorgeous iPhone puzzle game from MacHeist

We’re huge fans of Macheist, a deals site that bundles together Mac apps for one low price. Now MacHeist has come up with a similarly great idea, a puzzle game called  The Heist that it built in conjunction with TapTapTap.

The Heist [App Store, $0.99] is a game that uses 4 different puzzle types to confound you across 60 levels with game center acheievements built in. On top of that, it’s gorgeous. That isn’t that surprising given that it was developed in conjunction with developer TapTapTap, the team responsible for the extremely popular camera replacement app Camera+.

All of the puzzle looks are unique and beautiful looking, with distinct themes. They’re all tied together with a similar kind of top-down mechanic which keeps it from feeling too scattered.

On top of that the game has a very cool hook in that there is a prize promised to any user that completes all the levels of The Heist. Knowing MacHeist, it’s probably worth your while to try it out.

MacHeist has a long history of offering their massively discounted bundles of Mac software to users that can complete a set of puzzles called Heists. They were also the pioneers of the rewards system that many deals sites use now. Under that system as more people purchase the bundle, more software gets included. They also have an extensive forum where people can discuss deals and collaborate on Heists.

You can snag The Heist on the App Store now for $0.99.

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