Smartr 2.0 makes following news on Twitter & Facebook faster and more elegant than ever

Smartr 2.0 makes following news on Twitter & Facebook faster and more elegant than ever

Smartr, a free iPhone and iPod Touch app we’ve profiled, is a splendid way of consuming news posted to Twitter and Facebook by one’s friends without other social network posts cluttering up your feeds.

The app does this by removing spam, duplicate links, and uninteresting content such as check-ins and generic status updates.

Smartr also features:

  • Support for not only Facebook and Twitter, but Twitter lists as well.
  • Page preview displays instead of links.
  • A single tap method for sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous and saving articles to Instapaper.
  • Dark mode, Themes, Custom Fonts and Full Screen reading.

Smartr version 2.0 builds on the already grand features of the app but has been completely redesigned, made faster, with a wonderful new user interface.

A major new feature of Smartr 2.0 is the app’s “Connection Engine.” The feature is a suggestion system connecting users with people reading the same content as you.

Speaking with Smartr’s Temo Chalasani:

“We have seen over and over again that people reading the same articles have similar interests and can help each other discover a lot of new and interesting content.”

Those you follow are presented in a new, filtered, Smartr feed. The Smartr feed will show you what they are filtering and reading in real-time.

The clean, excellent, redesign is evident in the Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

Smartr 2.0 is a new way of seeing what your friends and colleagues are actually reading on Twitter and Facebook, while adding new features with a complete design overhaul.  If you’ve yet to try Smartr, pick up the free app here and share with us what you think!

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