The most beautiful way to check weather on your iPhone, iPad and now Mac

The most beautiful way to check weather on your iPhone, iPad and now Mac

Most of the time I settle for checking weather on the web at whatever site I happen to remember at that moment. That’s before I saw Weather HD over at Macstories. This is a fantastic looking weather app for the Mac that combines beautiful interface elements with a cool window that displays animated views of the current weather conditions. It actually makes me want to check my weather even more often.

Weather HD [Mac App Store, $3.99] is from app maker Vimov who is behind the popular iPod, iPhone and iPad version of the title. The Mac version of the app is packed with even more visual content than the iPad version and supports over 150,000 locations around the world. You get severe weather alerts, weather maps and Moon phases as well as notifications that you can customize with alerts when certain temperatures or conditions are met. It’s a full features suite that rivals just about any other weather app I’ve seen for any platform.

Although Weather HD is a solid weather app in it’s own right, the visualizations which put you right into the weather are the real treat here. You’ll want to leave it up on your second monitor just to see  what the weather looks like in your area or in any other areas around the globe you choose to peek in on. The quality of the animations are top notch. Combined with the great darkly-skinned elements of the UI, Weather HD is a truly stunning app.

In addition to all of the features in windowed mode there is also a QuickMenu that you can access in your toolbar for a quick look at current weather conditions and alerts. Admittedly, the animations definitely aren’t for everyone and if you’re looking for an unobtrusive weather widget to hide in your dashboard or menu bar then you probably don’t need to invest in something like Weather HD. But if you want the option of a beautiful interface and really like to see your weather, not just read it then it’s worth taking a look at.

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