Minutes.io: an elegant web app to minute meetings

Minutes.io: an elegant web app to minute meetings

This is a nifty little web app. Ever thought there should be an easier way of minuting meetings and sharing the outcomes? Well, minutes.io lets you do just that.

This app really is child’s play. The note-taker enters their details, and of those in attendance. A list system is then used to record key decisions made at a meeting. Dropdown boxes let you choose between ‘to do’, ‘okay’, ‘info’ and ‘idea’, and you simply ‘add a minute’ each time you want to record a new outcome.

The account is set-up in advance, with the names and email information of attendees, so when you’ve compiled your full list of outcomes, you simply click the little ’email’ icon, and the attendees are automatically sent the minutes.

This very simple, no-nonsense tool is still in beta-mode, so I guess you may still encounter some issues. But this works because it’s so easy and cuts straight to the chase which will appeal to time-pressured minute-takers.

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