Instagram update adds personality and control

Instagram update adds personality and control

The popular photo sharing app Instagram has received an update to version 1.7. The release brings a redesigned profile page and more options for notifications. The latter is especially welcome for those with a lot of followers on Instagram as the sheer volume of popups made it annoying to receive notifications at all.

The profile page has gotten a nice revamp with the added ability to view your photos in thumbnail form or the standard list form. The Edit Profile view gives you access to a new section that allows you to add a short, 150 character personal bio to your profile. This gives you the ability to tell your followers a bit about yourself in addition to just your name.

If you scroll to the bottom of the screen you’ll be presented with the push notification settings. You can choose to receive Like and Comment notifications from people you follow, from everyone or not at all. This added level of customization on top of the notifications settings provided by iOS itself.

The update is live now and also includes various speed improvements for older devices. If you’re not currently an Instagram user you can try it out by grabbing it on the App Store for free.

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