TweetDeck releases a brand new iOS app

TweetDeck releases a brand new iOS app

TweetDeck, the preferred 3rd party social media client that allows you to monitor and manage both your Twitter and Facebook feeds has just polished off a shiny new iOS app.

The new app, released today is a brand new version “rebuilt from the ground up to be fast, flexible and full-on powerful.” In a blog post from TweetDeck,

…Not only is new iPhone TweetDeck more beautiful, it offers a new flexibility that has never seen before. Making the “pinch” gesture on a column give you access to options that will allow you to add any combination of your feeds into a column. Twitter timelines, Mentions, DMs Favourites, Lists, Searches, Facebook feeds….all can be blended together into columns that suit you…

The new app promises to be undoubtedly prettier, more customizable and both faster and easier to manage. And of course, the new app supports all the basic social media functions like sending updates, retweeting both native and classic style, favoriting posts, mentions, DMs and search on Twitter and status updates, notifications, wall posts, Likes and comments on Facebook.

Check out a video for a full tour of the app below:

Download it here (Free).

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