Finally, a real WordPress search option! Announcing yolink Search for WordPress

Finally, a real WordPress search option! Announcing yolink Search for WordPress

The search functionality that’s built in to WordPress isn’t exactly a selling feature of the popular platform. That’s why the team at TigerLogic decided it was time to do something about that. In a partnership with WPEngine, they developed yolink Search for WordPress, a plugin that finally adds full-featured search capabilities to WordPress.

The new plugin offers more relevant search results than current WordPress search tools in an incredibly fast manner, and re-indexes content efficiently and effectively. This provides fully customizable and accurate search results. It goes even further than that, digging behind the links of search results pages and web pages, extracting and displaying information in context.

Once the plugin is installed, it finds search terms, highlights them and delivers them in a manner that is based on relevance as opposed to content date. It can even search through comments left throughout a user’s site and integrates with popular platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Evernote, Gmail and more.

“Native search on WordPress is not intuitive and is rarely helpful,” said Joe Pagliocco, Business Development Manager at TigerLogic. “Even Google Custom search – the next best thing – doesn’t integrate well with your website’s design, and it forcibly includes ads that don’t make money for publishers. yolink Search for WordPress is our solution to these problems, finally providing an advanced, relevance-based search plugin that just plain works.”

Here’s a video that shows the yolink Search for WordPress plugin in action…

The yolink Search plugin for WordPress is now available in the WordPress plugin directory. It’s free for personal blogs and sites, and is available at a nominal fee for those using it for business sites.

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