allPod plays all of your iPhone music in the order you choose.

allPod plays all of your iPhone music in the order you choose.

If you’re anything like us here at TNW, we have a library of music on our iPhones because we like it all. That means that there are times where we just want to listen to all of it without having to hear remix after remix of the same song just because it’s in alphabetical order.

It’s silly that you’re only able to play your entire music library back on shuffle or song-by-song on your iPhone. The folks at True Indie Media have recognized the need for more choice here and have created allPod [App Store, free].

allPod allows you to play your whole music library album-by-album and grouped in turn. You can also create compilations of albums that you can play in sequence. It’s a simple solution to an oversight in the iPod app.

This way you can play all of your Creedence albums in a row, but ordered by album. Or perhaps you want to have a particular genre play, like all hip-hop, but album-by-album, all the way through your collection. allPod lets you do that.

As a nice bonus you also get a landscape mode display that allows for the viewing of long title listings, for those of us who haven’t quite found the time to re-tag all of our compilations.

allPod is a sweet little tool that fills a niche nicely. Since we happen to live in that niche, its just made our day.

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