Taptu delivers the news. A lot.

Taptu delivers the news. A lot.

Taptu is another entry into the magazine-style social news reader apps available for the iPad, and while it does present itself in a unique way as compared to similar apps, it just doesn’t offer a compelling enough reason for many to switch from, say Flipboard, Pulse or even stray too far another new entry in the space, News.me (although the last example isn’t free, whereas the others are). But if you’re really, really into news…then Taptu might be just the app you’re looking for.

The app allows users to find and select for news stream from what they call a StreamStore. From there, you can also add RSS feeds. While the sleek design lends itself well to this type of app, it can get very cluttered , especially if you add in social networking streams such as Facebook and Twitter (which is an option that Taptu offers users as well). While each stream can be separated, too many of them just looks overwhelming.

One of the really unique features of Taptu is that it does more than just aggregate news feeds and social media streams: it allows users to customize them to their liking. If a user has a ton of feeds, but some of them are in a similar vein they can just combine them into one stream. Colour and sizing modifications are also available, enabling users to really tweak streams to suit their tastes.

Taptu also serves up recommendations based on what users read within the app, based both on topic and source. All of the content users have within Taptu can be shared with friends and if users have Facebook and Twitter streams being fed into Taptu, they can display everything right from within the app and share directly from there. Users can also access content that others have shared with them on the popular social networks from within Taptu.

The company, whose CEO is Mitch Lazar, formerly of CNN and one of the members of the team that founded CNN.com, has put together an impressive-looking app that may suffer in user adoption from being late to the game. But, if you just can’t get enough of the news and want it all in one place that can be personalized to suit your needs, give Taptu a look.

Taptu is available for free in The App Store.

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