Listia’s iPhone app makes listing and finding free stuff a snap

Listia’s iPhone app makes listing and finding free stuff a snap

Earlier this week, Listia launched an iPhone app that allows users to track auction items on the go, as well as those that are nearest to them.

Listia offers auctions where free points are used to bid on items that other Listia users are giving away. Points are earned through site interaction, giving away stuff and purchasing points. The iPhone app allows users of the service to browse, bid and list items directly from their device, as well as manage their own auctions on the go.

Bringing Listia to the iPhone is a welcome addition to the service, launched in 2009. Two of the main features enable users to take photos of items they want to list directly from the app and find items that are listed that are near them (if they have location services enabled).

I’m new to the service, but the app definitely made me want to scour my house for items I want to offload. My son just started to crawl, so his used Exersaucer was going up for grabs. I took a quick photo with my iPhone and put the listing online in a matter of a minute or two. It was dead simple and was online instantly.

Once I listed my item, I received an additional 150 points (I received 300 just for signing up) and started to look for stuff that I could acquire for free on Listia that was nearby. Alas, I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a ferry ride away. Hopefully the iPhone app will lead to more users jumping on board in my neck of the woods, because it really is that simple to use.

Listia’s iPhone app is available for free in The App Store now.

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