Effective Event Promotions with GoodBuzz

Effective Event Promotions with GoodBuzz

GoodBuzz is a free web based peer referral network that helps you promote events through grassroots marketing.

Promoting events cost a lot of money if you want to reach a lot of people with your marketing campaign. Big promotion budgets are not for everyone and that’s where GoodBuzz comes to play.

In GoodBuzz, members recommend each other’s event to their contacts for free. For instance, let us assume that you have 100 contacts in your invite list and another member of the service who is hosting his/her own event has about 200 contacts in the list. You both can come to an agreement and cross promote the events for free. In a matter of minutes, both of your events reach more people without spending a penny.


GoodBuzz’s execution is as good as its idea. Organizers can kickstart the promotion campaign using any of the eight channels – email, social networks, banners, widget, invitations, SMS, flyers, posters (indoor, outdoor) and word of mouth.

The web app is well designed and has a ton of features to make your event stand out. You can pull campaign results and referral request reports at any time. Now that everyone is hunting for a good deal, the app allows to you to offer exclusive offers and discounts too.

As the developers suggest, it is often better to get yourselves aligned with a GoodBuzz network. That way things will be much more easier when you are organizing an event, ensuring that the promos reach the right audience.

This web app is an innovative experiment that helps event organizers save a lot of time and money. I would highly recommend GoodBuzz even to those organizers who have a sizable promotional budget.

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