isocket: A better, smarter way to buy and sell website ads

isocket: A better, smarter way to buy and sell website ads

Whatever side of the website advertising world that you’re on, whether you’re buying or selling, you’re likely familiar with the work that goes into getting advertising onto a page. Both purchasing and sales can be equally as painful, leaving many great sites in the cold when it comes to relevant ads and possible revenue.

isocket is looking to change how both sides of the process work, and is eliminating all of the extra duties in the middle. Its newly-released site at is an open market where anyone can buy advertising directly from a website, without having to go through the hassle that a broker can entail.

With a network of sites that reaches 150 million visitors (and over 1 billion page impressions) isocket is very quickly ramping itself into a position to be a major player in the display advertising sales market. The company is already representing major properties such as The Cheezburger Network, Tim Ferriss’ blog and more.

So what does it take to get involved with isocket? Fortunately, not much. Smaller sites (under 500k visitors per month) can sign up for $19 per month. That money goes toward billing, invoicing, servicing, metrics and all of the rest of the painful things that content providers simply don’t have time to deal with. Better yet? It’s free until the first ad is purchased, so you’re not wasting money.

There is no minimum traffic number, though obviously bigger is better when it comes to ad sales. Fortunately, you’re free to work with any other company that you want while working with isocket, so your inventory isn’t locked entirely to one place.

isocket is also now announcing itsr partnership with Google’s DoubleClick ad server. It’s the first time ever publishers on DFP can seamlessly sell guaranteed & self-service ads. If you’ve dealt with DFP in the past, then you realize how huge this can be.

For buyers, you’ll find access to some of the Internet’s hottest properties, in a way that’s easy and likely cheaper than what you’d see from larger advertising brokers. Your investment can be as little as a $0.55 CPM and you’re able to advertise on any combination of sites that you wish.

Long story short, isocket is leveling the playing field for publishers and buyers alike. Bringing in more customers for buyers and creating revenue for publishers? I’m a big fan of both of these ideas.

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