Manage Employee Goals with CreateSmartGoals

Manage Employee Goals with CreateSmartGoals

CreateSmartGoals is web app that offers a simple and cost effective way to quickly and efficiently manage employee goals of all types.

Setting right expectations is key to success in an organizational environment. Instead of beating around the bush, a clearly defined set of goals can go a long way in ensuring productivity. Hence CreateSmartGoals.

Goals can be created in three levels – personal, departmental and organizational. While personal goals can be created by everyone with an account, the other goals can be created only by the administrator.


The app offers a lot of options to ensure that multiple goals can be created and assigned to various categories without conflicts. Each goal can be assigned a deadline and weightage to emphasise its importance. Goals can be assigned to employees while creation and as soon as you hit Save, they will receive an email notification of the same.

Those who get the goal assigned to them can keep everyone updated with the progress from the Results Journal. The beauty of the Results Journal is that employees can comment and discuss on goals without having to send back and forth emails.

Another area where CreateSmartGoals does a bang up job is reports. Without much effort, you can pull any goal report by just specifying the timeline. You can see from a single screen graphs that illustrate the overall progress of your company, department and employee goals.

The dashboard delivers a bird’s eye view of the goals in progress and their status by category. The progress bars by the side of each goal are a real nice touch.

CreateSmartGoals has four different pricing plans starting from $29.95 a month. The basic plan is available for a free 14 day trial period. It’s a bit surprising to see that the subscriptions charges are on par with or higher than full fledged project management apps. If your company needs better organization and has some money to spare, then this app might actually help you.

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