TNW Quick Look: Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs

TNW Quick Look: Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs

Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs by Wombi is a kids’ game for the iPad and iPhone that really struck a chord with my six-year old daughter. That’s because it’s a jigsaw puzzle app for kids and it’s all about dinosaurs. Seems as if kids are into dinosaurs.


  • Colourful images.
  • Three different settings to make it so that kids can grow with it.
  • It has dinosaurs. Did I mention kids like dinosaurs?


  • Can’t turn pieces in more advanced levels.
  • Limited dinosaurs to choose from.

Overall: 3/5

A fun game that does have repeat playing value — but only because of the advanced levelling. Wombi will need to add more dinosaurs to keep kids interested over the long term. I mean, kids like dinosaurs…so naturally they’d want more to choose from.

Wombi offers several other apps for children, some of which are jigsaw puzzles with other types of creatures. The next step might be to roll them all into one app so that it’s scalable. That way it can grow each “menagerie” as it saw fit and not run out of one type of animal or another in a “Dedicated creature” jigsaw puzzle app.

It could also lead to a more inspiring title. Each of the jigsaw puzzle apps is rather plainly titled, which could be useful for the multi-language support Wombi offers. But while the title “Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs” calls it as it as the app is, it’s not exactly a great title for an app.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Dinosaurs is $2.99 in The App Store.

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