1Band 1Brand is a Groupon for Hipsters

1Band 1Brand is a Groupon for Hipsters

Deals sites in the Groupon mould are everywhere these days. Now 1Band 1Brand is taking the idea and sticking a hipster spin on it.

The site offers a weekly deal highlighting one band and (you guessed it) one fashion brand. It aims to offer an alternative to corporate, pay-to-play, cluttered music and fashion sites by keeping things minimal and pairing together complementary emerging artists and labels. However, unlike most sites currently taking this approach, there’s no group buying ‘tipping point’ required to activate a deal – these are available to all for the whole week.

Kyle York, one of the five person team behind 1Band 1Brand says that there are strict criteria for inclusion on the site. “(Bands and brands) must have an online following and digital distribution as well as an ability to offer music or clothing with deals. They must be ’emerging’ and can’t have already made it on a big label. If they are on a label, it must be focused on independent artists.”

“The five of us working on the project have a cross section of taste in both music and fashion and approve the actual band/brands as well as the pairing each week well in advance (we don’t always agree!). There is a standard we are in search of – and won’t settle.”

1Band 1Brand operates on a revenue share basis, offering ‘Name your own price’ five-song samplers from bands via Bandcamp, and exclusive coupon codes for brands. “We have plans for sponsorship collaborations, exclusive gear, in store partnerships, our own 1band 1brand merchandise, sponsored weekly bands and brands and more,” says York. “The options are endless, but we’re going to be patient.

“We all are business people at core and currently outsource the development to a great crew. We have backgrounds in branding, marketing, sales and strategy – so making money is the long-term plan, but we’re willing to be patient with this and not dilute the genuineness of what we’re up to.”

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