Get some Facebook up in your Mac menu bar with Facebox

Get some Facebook up in your Mac menu bar with Facebox

Facebox is a great app for Mac users that spend most of the day with a tab in their browser open to Facebook, clicking over obsessively to spy on what your friends are doing and shoot out quick status updates.

If this sounds like I snuck a webcam into your office to watch you work then you might want to grab it now, free from the Mac App Store.

After you download and launch it, simply pop in your Facebook login right from the icon in your menubar. Now you’ll have access to Facebook and it’s notifications at the click of a mouse.

Don’t think that this is going to be the entirety of Facebook sliding down into your lap though. Instead you get a stripped down experience that just squeezes your feed, profile, friends and messages into it’s sleek frame. This way you can just touch the bits of Facebook that you really need and leave any management for the full site.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a menubar app like this for Facebook though, Fmenu is an app from UC Berkley students that gives you access to your Facebook account in the form of a standard OS X menu.

Competing Mac App Store app FaceBar features a very similar design to Facebox but is offered at a $2.99 pricetag.

Facebook even has it’s own experimental Mac desktop and menubar client that offers simple notifications and status updating.

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