AVG launches new “Family Safety” tool to protect children online

AVG launches new “Family Safety” tool to protect children online

AVG Technologies, creators of the popular AVG Antivirus and anti-malware software tools, has today launched “AVG Family Safety“, the latest tool aimed at keeping children safe on in the internet.

The Windows-only application aims to calm fears of parents who are worried about the safety of their children, protecting the Internet-generation from unwanted messages and communication from online predators and cyber-bullies on over 80 social networking websites. Adults can set the software to monitor chats and network messages on these sites, setting the different filter options within the software to according to he age and awareness level of each child using the computer in the house.

AVG Family Safety works on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, sitting silently whilst children browse the Internet. Instead of blocking sites by default, the tool monitors communication, notifying parents should any untoward behaviour be exhibited after their child has used the computer.

J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies reiterates this in his statement:

“Parents don’t want to feel like it’s a fruitless exercise trying to tell their children they can’t be online alongside their peers and involved in social networking. Kids are early adopters of the latest ways to communicate – which arms them with technical skills but not the worldly awareness of threats and untoward behavior.”

Individual profiles can be set up for each child, blocking, warning or monitoring different sites according to their age and maturity. Search terms can be blocked on Google, Bing and Yahoo and communication on social networking sites including Facebook, Myspace and Bebo can be monitored.

Access to apps and time spent on the Internet can be limited using AVG Family Safety and parents are able to receive detailed email or SMS reports, looking at downloads, accessed websites and social network posts from any web-connected device. The antivirus vendor has also released an iPhone application, serving as a browser that protects children online, using the same filtration technologies as the Family Safety tool.

Licenses start at £13 for a one year subscription, protecting three computers. Up to ten computers can be added to a plan.

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