Adobe’s Creative Suite gets monthly subscription option

Adobe’s Creative Suite gets monthly subscription option

For those of us who don’t rely on the Adobe Creative Suite to do our jobs, the pricing is absolutely insane. For those of you who do, it’s still insane, but at least it’s a necessary amount of insanity. However, there have been numerous times that I’d have loved to have had access to Photoshop, Premiere or something else from CS if only for a few weeks.

Fortunately, Adobe has finally answered the call of people like me, with the introduction of monthly subscriptions for the Creative Suite apps. By way of comparison, “renting” the use of the app for a year will cost you around 60% of what it would to buy the retail version. Though you can save some cash by doing a full year of subscription, instead of a month-to-month plan.

Want to get involved? You’ll need to find your country-specific Adobe online store. If there’s not a store where you live, then you’re sadly out of luck (at least for now).

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