Use Foursquare to track local transit times

Use Foursquare to track local transit times

Another Foursquare hack to make your life easier? Yes, please. 4sqtransit is a simple service that delivers real-time public transit information via SMS whenever you check-in near a transit stop on Foursquare.

It’s very easy to set up. Visit the site and select from dozens of local transit agencies. Click the “Log In with your Foursquare Account” then and authorize 4sqtransit. 4sqtransit will then send you a text message anytime you check in  on Foursquare within 100 meters of a transit stop.

I’ve tested the service in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it works really well. The text message appears like so. Check it out on your way home tonight, and tell us how it works in your area in the comments.

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