Interstate adds new features and sharing options to its project mapping service [Invites]

Interstate adds new features and sharing options to its project mapping service [Invites]

Web-based project roadmap application Interstate has today announced a number of new updates to its service, incorporating new ways to organise projects and check on their progress, new sharing features and a redesigned frontend.

We profiled Interstate before, reporting on its new Beta release back in September. Then, the service allowed users to create roadmaps, embed them, manage staff, track development of new features and even use the site’s API to integrate Interstate wherever they pleased.

Todays new features include “Routes”, a way to add roads (tasks) inside of roads so that users can add many tasks to one individual feature or group lots of small features together. The new frontend features an improved design, a better tour page and re-designed roadmaps.

Additional sharing features have also been included, providing the ability to share Short URLs using its built-in shortener but also the option to password protect roadmaps, adding an extra level of security to public roadmaps. From today, when roadmaps are shared they will also include homepage and support links and a welcome message, allowing viewers to contact the creator to provide feedback or ask questions.

Interstate lists an impressive number of updates in its blog post, introducing its new Twitter sharing features and advertising platform. The platform is still in beta, allowing new users to test the project mapping service for free but currently requires an invite to gain access.

Luckily for you, we have 50 invites to give away. If you want to try Interstate, head here and use “TNW” minus quotes to gain access. Be quick, they’ll go fast.

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