Synaptop: A virtual OS to share apps and web browsing with friends

Synaptop: A virtual OS to share apps and web browsing with friends

While hanging out with friends on the web, we often share links to music and sites. But instead of sharing links, wouldn’t it be more engaging to use a browser or app together by sharing the experience on the same screen?

Synaptop, a Toronto-based startup has just unleashed its virtual computer platform enabling users to collaborate in real-time through a variety of apps including a web browser, media player, notepad and an application that supports live presentations.

This web app is basically a virtual operating system in the cloud, which mimics the look of an OS and comes with various applications that run within the Synaptop platform. It essentially looks like a regular desktop (wallpaper and all) but it allows your friends to utilize the apps with you over the web.

Whether you’re surfing the web using the “Synapnet” Internet browser or listening to media on the cloud-based music player, you will have the ability to add “followers” or friends to the application so they can experience it with you in real-time.

Synaptop currently comes with pre-installed applications including an app called Sketch that allows users to collaborate on art by painting and drawing together at the same time. Synaptop has also cleverly added an app store filled with applications and widgets. From the “Synappstore” users are able to download new content or uninstall any unwanted apps sitting on the system.

Aside from inviting friends to use applications with you, there’s also a feature to call friends through Synaptop. Video chatting, uploading documents or media, Facebook updates and tweeting are all options additionally offered within Synaptop’s faux desktop UI.

Once you’ve invited some friends via email or through Facebook, you’ll be able to directly call, chat, share applications and translate messages on the fly. Synaptop’s free service comes with 2GB of storage and it’s accessible through any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Sami Siddique, the President and CEO of Synaptop says there’s more apps to come “We have some great industry partners and some really amazing apps coming out in the near future.”

The Bottom Line:

All in all, Synaptop is a cool tool to have while hanging out with friends online and it’s a lot more intimate than merely chatting with friends through a social network or instant messenger. It could also be used by business people looking for an app that supports live presentations and video calling. Have a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts, would you use this app?

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