CarZen: A gorgeous iPad app to shop for new wheels

CarZen: A gorgeous iPad app to shop for new wheels

CarZen is a gorgeous iPad app for shopping and researching new cars. This app cleverly sorts models by body style, brand or price and offers in-depth reviews, stunning galleries, specs and information on every car.

There’s a wide selection of brands to choose from including BMW, Mazda, Kia and Jaguar, which can all be organized by prices and features such as heated seats, hands free Bluetooth or hybrid/electric models.

Whether you’re looking for an SUV, hatchback or pickup truck, CarZen can additionally factor in the body styles combined with price, brand and extra features you pick.

The user interface is slick, intuitive and saves you from taking on the task of blindly researching vehicles yourself. After customizing the search results, CarZen will quickly find you a list of cars that meet your specific requirements. Once a car is selected the app will give you a myriad of information like the vehicle’s strengths, features and additional options coupled with the prices.

The comprehensive reviews come from trusted sources like Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend and The Wall Street Journal. The app has a built-in browser so if you’d like to read the full review at a respective site, you won’t need to leave the app.

While viewing a specific set of wheels CarZen will actually let you interact with the image of the car by allowing you to change by colour. There’s also an impressive amount of high resolution photos offered within each car’s photo gallery.

To keep organized, users can throw any car into a favourites folder “My Parking Lot” and it also has an option to request quotes from your closest dealer. Unfortunately, the quotes are limited to users within the U.S., the same with the availability of features.

The currency is in U.S. funds and you’re not able to convert within the app. There might also be some differences with the add-on features depending on which country you live in. That’s definitely a drawback if you live outside the U.S. but overall CarZen has done a beautiful job of presenting the cars in an organized fashion.

With CarZen, users are currently limited to new cars however the developer says that listings for used cars will be available in a future update. The app is available in Apple’s app store for $0 and is compatible with the iPad.

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