eWhiteboard: An app to create interactive electronic whiteboards

eWhiteboard: An app to create interactive electronic whiteboards

eWhiteboard for the iPhone assists you in creating an electronic whiteboard that will enable you to interact and draw a projector screen.

This iPhone app works with any Mac or PC coupled with a projector and an LED flashlight that will track and move the mouse on the screen. The LED light will also allow users to control and switch the slides remotely.

It’s the same idea as drawing on a whiteboard with a marker, however by using this method the user is temporarily creating doodles and notes on the screen and it’s all done with the use of a LED keychain flashlight.

How it works: After downloading the desktop utility available for Mac and Windows, the iPhone app will discover the desktop as a host over a WiFi network but it does alternatively enable you to enter your host’s (desktop) IP and port number. By connecting to the correct host (after setting up the projector) , the eWhiteboard app will prompt you to calibrate the screen using the iPhone’s camera.

This 4 point calibration process requires users to point the LED flashlight at the center of each point and will also help you to adjust the settings based on the lighting conditions of the room. By doing this, you’re basically telling the eWhiteboard how the screen is positioned.

If the calibration was a success the projection of the slides on the screen or wall can be altered by simply using your LED flashlight as a drawing tool. As depicted in the video below, eWhiteboard works with applications such as Paint and works just like a physical whiteboard.

Unfortunately we don’t have a projector on hand to try it out but we’ve posted a video of the eWhiteboard in action. eWhiteboard is another example of an innovative application capable of complimenting your presentations. The app is available for $9.99 and is compatible with the iPhone 3Gs and higher.

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