When are your Twitter friends online? Tweriod knows.

When are your Twitter friends online? Tweriod knows.

There’s something magical about Twitter. Its ability to produce instant results and instant information is a wonderful tool. But there’s very little staying power to a tweet, even when it’s retweeted. How, then, can you make sure that you’re sending out tweets when they’re most likely to be read?

A service called Tweriod can do that. It takes a look at the people who follow you and, judging by their activity, gives you a graph that shows when they’re most likely to be online and reading.

After allowing Tweriod to access your Twitter account, you’re going to have a bit of a wait. Tweriod goes to work figuring out when your Twitter followers are most active, and will send you a DM when it has the information ready for your viewing.

The results? Simple, but impressive.

As you can see, you can break down the graphs pretty far. From an overview of the weekend, all the way down to how many retweets happen during a certain hour, Tweriod will let you know.

Sure, this is handy information for individuals, but businesses are really the best bet. While Twitter is a  24 hour per day platform, advertising your daily deal, specials or other types of “in the now” information is of course best done when people are actually listening.

So give Tweriod a spin. It’s a simple app, but its results are exceptionally powerful.

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