Google Maps for Android now has location history dashboard

Google Maps for Android now has location history dashboard

Google Maps 5.3 for Android has just been released which lets you see your Google Location History dashboard, and allows check in at “home,” and the ability to add your own aspects for places when rating them.

For Android users  that enabled Location History for Google Latitude, they have been able to visualize interesting trends in the location history with a personal dashboard at on the user’s computer.

With the Maps 5.3 update, now users will see a dashboard on the Android by tapping “View location history” from the Latitude profile. The cool thing is if the user has this enabled, they will be able to verify how far they have travelled in addition to an estimate of how much time they have spent at home, at work, or other locations.

If you haven’t yet, you can enable Location History from your computer or from Latitude’s Settings menu on your phone. Location History is 100% opt-in and is private to you and nobody else. You can always delete any of your location history from the Manage History tab or correct the estimated work and home locations from the dashboard on your computer.

If you have wanted to add your own aspects for places, the wait is over. Android users you can add their own aspects for each place they visit. This feature allows user to share what aspects of a particular location they think are valuable.

If you are an Android user, update Google Maps from Android Market on devices with Android OS 1.6+ anywhere Google Maps and Latitude are already available.

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