Create a professional profile in one minute with Zerply

Create a professional profile in one minute with Zerply

Zerply, still in private beta, is a tool to create a professional profile that can be shared publicly.

With so many profile creators out there and the never-ending privacy concerns of users, Zerply helps you share just the right amount of information you need.

Zerply claims to be the easiest way to present yourself professionally – rightfully so. In a four-step process, you can enter your personal information, add your profile pages, include an avatar and save. Take a look at the end result.

Click the steps for a clearer idea of the process:

With the option of allowing multiple accounts per network and the ability to add custom networks and IM accounts, Zerply is a good and flexible tool to help you customize your profile.

You get to choose out of three themes: The Poster Child, The Conservative and The American. Inviting three people will unlock a fourth theme titled The Swiss.

Although in private beta, the platform was stable, quick and one of the easiest platforms designed to help you create a professional profile.

We’ve got six invites to give away. Leave your email address in the comments field and we’ll be happy to share. First come, first served.

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