Google listened: Cloud Connect offers new languages and enhanced UI

Google listened: Cloud Connect offers new languages and enhanced UI

Microsoft Office teams utilizing the Google Cloud Connect feature will be thrilled to know Google listed to you and responded quickly

This update of the Cloud Connect focused on the overwhelming request for multilingual options and a popular request to have the ability to minimize the tool bar to reclaim that precise user interface real estate.

Just over a month ago, Google launched Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, adding simultaneous collaboration, revision history, cloud sync, unique URLs and simple sharing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. Pretty nice, huh?

Today, Google will release its first update that adds support for 38 more languages and adds the ability to minimize the toolbar. Here is what Google Cloud Connect looks like in Japanese:

But wait…there’s more! Following the trend of quick development of popular requests, Google added the option to minimize Google Cloud Connect by clicking on a new minimize arrow. When the document is synced, the minimized bar will still show upload progress.

Did we tell you it is available today? . If you’re already downloaded Google Cloud Connect, you’ll receive an update automatically. However,  if you’re new to Google Cloud Connect, you can download the plugin ( in any of the 39 supported languages) right here on the download page.

Wow.  Two of the biggest companies working together and producing what the users requested in between major releases.  Maybe this whole transparency and quick iteration concept has some legs.  Kudos to both teams for listening.

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