DUBSET 2.0 launches, like a night club on the Internet

DUBSET 2.0 launches, like a night club on the Internet

Turning OFF Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, HypeM and iTunes. Turning ON DUBSET 2.0.

Remember the days when you’d spend hours making a mix tape for your sweetie? Creating musical mixes has always been one of the most enjoyable arts, and it’s changed a lot since the days of hitting stop and play over hours of live radio shows. The DJs we love in the dance halls these days take great care to curate an unforgettable full body experience. DUBSET, which we’ve written about before as a great iPhone music app to throw on at parties, is like Pandora but all the stations are custom-created by the world’s top DJs rather than an algorithm telling you what you should listen to.

DUBSET 2.0 is the brainchild of NYC based David Stein, the company’s founder and CEO. Today, DUBSET released what they’re calling the world’s first ever legal Internet radio.

Over the last couple of years I have been working on a project that I believe will change the music landscape forever. The time has finally come where I am proud to show you a product that although not complete, is at the beginning of where my vision leads. Something that has never been done before and has not been easy to do…

David Stein

DUBSET uses MixScan to fingerprint and automate the reporting process on all mixes uploaded to DUBSET.com so that they can fairly compensate copyright holders, promote, and display music found within mixes from DJs and artists and give music fans a legal and simple way to listen to their favorite music.

DJs can create and post mixes on their artist profiles. Each artist’s profile includes a photo, list of performances, websites, Twitter feed and contact information. It’s a slick, clean look that MySpace died trying to accomplish. Listeners can follow their favorite DJs as well and buy individual mixes and tracks.

Users can search by artist, performances and venue. Create channels for listening now and queues for listening later. You know those times at 3AM, your shoes are off, your wine glass is full and no one can figure out what to put on after the dinner party? Felix da Housecat? Hell yeah. Don’t turn that light on. Just c’mon.

Visit the new DUBSET.COM

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