How augmented reality revs up the excitement at auto shows

How augmented reality revs up the excitement at auto shows

Last week we rounded of 5 iPad apps specifically designed or tweaked to suit Apple’s newest Tablet.

Junaio (for the iPad 2) and Total Immersion’s AR Magic Mirror, both featured within our roundup, showed us what the augmented reality experience can achieve with more real estate. On the iPad 2, or any large sized tablet such as the XOOM or Playbook, users are able to capture a wider scope of points of interest (POIs) and AR elements, bringing users more interaction on the screen.

Taking advantage of the immersive, full experience of augmented reality on tablets, an AR agency called ARworks developed a campaign for Volkswagen at the Hungarian Tuning Show last weekend.

Using the Juanio browser, attendees at the Volkswagen stand were able to view an interactive model of the VW Golf with the camera pointed at an empty space at the booth. Aside from iPad 2s and ZTE tablets provided at the stand, any Android or iOS device using Metaio’s app Junaio could manipulate the vehicle. Coupled with the ability to view the car’s features as overlaid elements on the screen, visitors could also change the colour of the virtual car by simply touching the screen. I can’t help but think how cool it would be if all car dealerships allowed you to browse through various interiors/exteriors on a tablet.

Obviously for gearheads AR will never replace showcasing real-life cars. However, there’s no denying the inclusion of augmented reality would be a major plus at any auto show, especially since the usability of AR has been improved with these camera-enabled tablets.

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