Evernote Unveils a Shiny New Web App

Evernote Unveils a Shiny New Web App

Evernote, the very popular multi-platform productivity app that lets you capture, file or archive anything and then search or retrieve that information from anywhere has just unveiled a major new version of its web app.

Featuring a three pane view, this new version of the web app has been designed with the goal of improving the user experience and to optimize performance. Users often complained that the previous version was slow and clunky and felt out of place compared to the Evernote apps for other platforms. When you login now, you are automatically taken to the new version, although you do have the option to switch back to the old interface for a limited time.

In addition to the improved interface, this new version of the web app brings in new features like Notebook Stacks, Snipper View, Saves Searches, Multi-select and Auto Save and also lets you quick share individual notes onto Facebook or via email.

The company also recently announced Volume Pricing and Non-Profit Discounts for accounts.

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