Busted: Santa Cruz Police Launch iPhone App

Busted: Santa Cruz Police Launch iPhone App

KION 46 just announced that Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel is putting the police in the palm of your hand with a new IOS app.

The fine citizens of Santa Cruz will be able to submit crime tips right from their iPhones and have instant access to a bevy of crime conscious features such as police scanners, crime maps, photos and video.

Where is a cop when you need one? Well now, this very empowering tool let’s you assist budget-strapped police departments making your neighborhood a safer place.

Wondering what all the hubbub is all about with the lights and sirens down the street? Pull up the app and mystery solved.

Think that guy in the bushes looks suspicious? Bring up the photos and identify him from an all points bulletin.

Oddly enough, however useful and pragmatic this application will be, surely we will hear from the folks concerned about privacy.  Quite frankly, I think peace of mind trumps that notion.

What do you think?
Would you use a Police iPhone app?

Very interested in your thoughts.

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