5 things the Amazon Appstore for Android got right

5 things the Amazon Appstore for Android got right

Amazon last week launched the Amazon Appstore for Android and it has some very compelling features the carriers need to take notice.

Now that it has been out for a week and I have had some time to play with it my initial reaction of “meh…another app store” has been challenged.

Before all the IOS zealots come storming this village idiot’s home with pitchforks and chants regarding that they have had a centralized app store since Day 1, we know.

#1: The Appstore for Android is fast
Maybe speed can be subjective based on your carrier, but with over a year in T-Mobile with my Android, I am telling you Amazon’s offering is much quicker. I put this first primarily because this is my top gripe with the painfully slow Android store with my present carrier.

#2: Add to Wish List
Sometimes I like to take my sweet time rather than my usual impulse buy that I regret after using the app once. Yup, let’s admit it: we have all bought an app that gets little use after finding a better alternative or talking to a friend. The Add to Wish List feature prevents me from having buyer’s remorse.

#3: I already have an Amazon account
There is something comforting about having all my purchases in one place. For someone that sends gifts to family and friends from Amazon as well as being a Kindle junkie, it is real convenient getting a glimpse on my aggregate spending..

#4: The Amazon Community
Again, perhaps this plays to my comfort level, but I have come to trust the reviews and recommendations from fellow Amazonians. Being able to see what others say from a notoriously transparent audience and the ability to see related products makes it more of a consumer-focused approach.

#5: Amazon Gift Cards
Yes, we know there are iTunes Gift Cards. Congrats. For my Android brethren it is something that is welcomed with open arms. And for my family members out there: yes, please!

It has only been a week and we real have to see some numbers to determine if it is a success, but from this consumer’s point of view I am really digging it.

Has anyone else been using Amazon’s Appstore for Android? I would love to get your feedback.

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