Placebook puts your Facebook friends on the map with style

Placebook puts your Facebook friends on the map with style

We recently covered MeMap, an iPhone app that adds a visual layer to Facebook Places by placing your friends on a map. Placebook is site that takes a different approach by presenting broader information about your friends as a set of gorgeous graphs.

The site was created by map has been created by two students at a university in the Czech Republic for a Web mapping competition. Logged out, the site displays information about the Facebook population as a whole broken down by country. Collected in August last year, the data’s a little out of date, but when you’re logged in you get data tailored to your own social graph.

Your friends are laid out on a zoomable world map. Meanwhile, beautiful infographics displaying your friends’ home countries, how far away they are from you and which of your friends know each other are all available, providing the site can locate you based on your profile information or IP number.

How truly useful is it? Not all that much (and it certainly helps if you have a lot of friends – a handful of friends in your hometown won’t look very interesting), but it sure is beautiful and teases us with just enough information to leave us hoping that it gets updated with more features. Try it now.

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