Instagram and Foodspotting most popular iPhone apps at SXSW according to Opinionaided

Instagram and Foodspotting most popular iPhone apps at SXSW according to Opinionaided

Opinionaided, a free iPhone app we’ve reviewed, offers real-time opinions and feedback from users regarding questions posed by fellow users of the app.

Fresh off new funding and plans to expand its mobile question and answer community to other mobile platforms, including Android, comes information from Opinionaided concerning what they found to be the most popular apps at this year’s SXSW.

The group at Opinionaided sent a team to Austin, Texas with the singular goal of using their app to determine which apps were most popular.

Using iPhones, Opinionaided’s ground team took pictures of the UI and app description of each app polled.

The methodology  used by Opinionaided to obtain the results below were as follows:

“We took 22 of the hot apps from SXSW and posted them as a question into the app.  This survey was conducted with the Opinionaided community of mobile users worldwide between March 11th-18th. The question was asked publicly among Opinionaided users over the age of 13, with a minimum of 35 responses per question for over 750 responses total. The survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.”

Armed with this information, Opinionaided was able to receive real-time feedback on the apps generating the most buzz at SXSW.  Below are their findings, with Instagram and Foodspotting coming out on top:

According to Opinionaided, the importance of the test opens a new way to receive fast, accurate, important information about products,

“’Micro-sniff tests’ are actually an important new measure of products. Consumers usually make up their minds in 5 seconds on Opinionaided on whether they like or dislike something. This is about the same time a consumer takes in the App store when they click on an app description to decide whether or not they want to download it.”

Interestingly, in the Opinionaided findings, Yobongo at 41 percent was the top group messaging app, beating out GroupMe and Beluga, with Foursquare besting Austin’s own Gowalla for top location-sharing app by more than three times (43 percent to 13 percent).

Is the methodology used perfect?  Perhaps not, but it does provide one view into SXSW and some of the apps most discussed.

Information from The Creative Department and Digital Trends offer very different views of which apps came out on top at SXSW, indicating that labeling an app “most popular” is an inexact science.

Does any of the information on the graph surprise you?  Are any apps you favor absent entirely or placed lower on the graph than you thought they might?

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