Helloday.tv: The best music video discovery I’ve seen yet.

Helloday.tv: The best music video discovery I’ve seen yet.

Being the self-proclaimed music junkie that I am, when I stumble across a cool music-featured site, I feel the need to share it with you. Helloday.tv is indeed one of those sites and you should check it out whether you’re saying hello or goodbye to your day.

Much like what we’ve seen with other music video discovery sites, Helloday.tv simply asks you to pick the genre of music that you want, and then it starts your own video version of something like Last.FM or Pandora.

So what caught my attention? First off, the design. Helloday.tv is beautifully done and worked like a charm with any browser in which I tested it. The videos that are available appear to be of exceptional quality, compared to the typical YouTube releases that we see. In many cases, the YouTube-reliant services will simply take the highest-rated video, even if it’s just a picture and the song. Helloday.tv hasn’t thrown me any of these results yet. Where ever the site is getting its content, it appears to be top-notch.

So take a look at the video, then go watch some videos. Helloday might not change your life, but it certainly will brighten your day.

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