GeoWalk 3D Fact Book: An iPhone/iPad app full of fun factoids

GeoWalk 3D Fact Book: An iPhone/iPad app full of fun factoids

Where is Machu Picchu? What is the largest African beetle?

Smartphone users have the world at their fingertips and are able to answer trivia questions in seconds. While accessing information quickly may be impressive to your friends, it clearly doesn’t make you a factoid guru.

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GeoWalk is an interactive encyclopedia that contains over 500 facts, images and descriptions that challenge your knowledge of planet Earth. Users are able to browse facts in a variety of ways including the option to discover facts by location within an interactive globe.

The facts will appear as images overlaid on their respective parts of the world and can be adjusted to display all facts or just a specific topic; animals, plants, places and historical figures/people. Assuming you love being “that” person who’s able to fire off trivia, you should love the experience of spinning the globe to discover –it’s equally educational and fun.


From Genghis Khan’s biography to the origin of the rainforest Bullet Ant, GeoWalk is capable of assisting users in gleaning a great deal of knowledge. Aside from the globe feature, this app additionally provides another way to browse facts through a coverflow-like display that allows users to flip through images. And, after spending some quality time using GeoWalk, you’re also able to test your skills by taking a quiz.

Overall if you’re a fact junkie, you’ll definitely be sucked in, and any fact can be sent to Facebook or Twitter should you want to share your newfound knowledge with your networks. GeoWalk 3D Fact Book is available for $0.99 on the iPhone and $2.99 on the iPad.


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