Sausage Fest at SXSW? This app tells you “Where the Girls At”

Sausage Fest at SXSW? This app tells you “Where the Girls At”

Tech conferences aren’t exactly known for attracting hot chicks. They are traditionally overrun with geeky male hormones, but this year at SXSW, there’s an app to lower your chances of winding up at a sausage fest. It’s called “Where the Girls At?” And this is their Austin, TX edition for SXSW.

It reminds me of Assisted Serendipity, a free service that pulls in Foursquare check-ins and notifies you via e-mail a soon as the male/female ratio turns in your favor at your favorite local hangouts.

So, “Where The Girls At?”

Trending Now in Austin (past 3 hours): The Girls Are At:

  1. Driskill Hotel
  2. Casino El Camino
  3. The Jackalope
  4. Halcyon Coffee House Bar
  5. Lustre Pearl Bar
  6. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill
  7. Hudson on 5th
  8. The Thirsty Nickel

For tonight, your best chances to find the most girls will be:

  1. The Library
  2. The Blind Pig Pub
  3. Driskill Hotel
  4. The Jackalope
  5. The Aquarium on 6th
  6. Molotov
  7. Dirty Bill’s
  8. The Thirsty Nickel
  9. Kiss & Fly
  10. Shangri-La

The app was coded by Alex Manelis and designed by Alex Baldwin of Kiwi Grove using data pulled from Foursquare with Gowalla and Facebook Places coming soon. While they’re pulling data for 20+ cities, they’ve launched this web app just in time for the infamous tech conference in Austin, Texas.

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