Unnecessary Censorship: You will $*! this app

Unnecessary Censorship: You will $*! this app

If you’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, you’re likely familiar with his bit on unnecessary censorship. The concept might sound basic and somewhat stupid but the skit simply bleeps out parts of a video suggesting nasty foul-mouthed language — it’s actually pretty funny.

A Canadian startup called Murtha Design Inc. brings users a solution for adding their own hilarious unnecessary censorship to videos. The app aptly named “Unnecessary Censorship” enables content creators to both edit and share clips with friends.

To get started, users can begin by recording a video or by selecting a video from the iPhone’s camera roll. After grabbing a video, similar to mobile apps like iMovie, the app’s video editor allows users to move to any spot within the clip. To add comedic flare, the censor button within the editing screen is used to overlay both audio and visual censors. The visual effects include the usual television-style block boxes that keep viewers from lip reading.


Using the touch screen, the visuals can be perfectly positioned to cover a subject’s mouth. It also offers a series of different effects like blur and pixel which will change the appearance of the box. Of course, it additionally sports an audio feature to beep and mute out words.

Unnecessary Censorship has a great-looking user interface and it will send published clips to friends via email, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. After pulling in a clip from my podcast, I was impressed with how quickly I was able to add effects. The option to add titles and descriptions prior to sharing is a nice touch as well. Below is the final result of our clip but if you’d like to try it yourself, the app is available for $0.99 in the app store.

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