Read It Later gets an official Android app, we review it [Video]

Read It Later gets an official Android app, we review it [Video]

It wasn’t long ago that I was lamenting the lack of an official Read It Later app for the Android platform. While I’ve tried many different options, they all seemed to be lacking the simplistic flair that has made Read It Later great on the desktop and iOS. In short, I waited for more.

My wait and yours is finally over as the Read It Later crew has just introduced the official Read It Later app for Android. Right now, it’s going to cost you a whopping $.99, which the app listing says is an 80% discount that is being run for the launch. Once you’re inside of Read It Later, it’s all going to look exceptionally familiar to you if you’ve used it on a mobile device before.

Adding pages to your Read It Later is simple, within Android. As you’re browsing around via your device, simply select the Menu key, then select More and Share. You can then select Add to Read It Later. Long pressing on any link in a page will also give you the same option.

My verdict? After using Read It Later for just a few minutes, it’s nice to know that we finally have the real deal on our Android devices. There’s a lot to be said for those devs who are creating things that work well in the lack of official releases, but sometimes you just can’t be the real thing.

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