iFix: A handy iPad app for computer technicians

iFix: A handy iPad app for computer technicians

iFix was developed for computer techs and it offers users a way to keep track of clients, hardware serial numbers and notes about service orders.

This app aims to ensure repair orders are highly organized by providing technicians with a series of fields pertaining to client data and the computers being serviced.

After inputting a client, the SROs (service request order) and hardware (machines) will be added to individual groups, allowing technicians to review the orders in list form, based on the date they were first created. It also has a search feature that displays a list of the clients by simply providing the first few letters of their name.

By searching a client, iFix will include the status of their repair along with the name, another useful option within the app. As the machine moves through the process of a repair, technicians can additionally input the status of the machine; on the bench, waiting for parts, ready to pick up etc.

Here’s the drawback: iFix is a standalone application that offers no support for multi-users. It’s also missing integration with the cloud or services such as Dropbox. Currently, the only way to backup information is by using the iTunes ‘file sharing’ feature which will enable you to save the database as an .sqlite file. We did however speak with the developer earlier to hear that new export options and multi-user features are on the way. For whatever reason, iFix only provides Apple products within the “machine type” field although users can technically name the computer anything they like.

Overall this tool could be handy for its mobility. With iFix, computer technicians can easily gather client data anywhere they are, as long as they’ve got the iPad. At $29.99, this app is a bit pricey considering its export and multi-user limitations however, as we’d said there are updates coming shortly.

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