Teewee is identical Twitter for iPhone… without the Quickbar

Teewee is identical Twitter for iPhone… without the Quickbar

Twitter’s decision to introduce the ‘Quickbar’ to the latest version of its iPhone app has stirred up plenty of negative reaction over the weekend. While Twitter is set to tweak its design to make it less annoying, it seems that the UI element people are calling #Dickbar is here to stay.

Over the weekend we shared a fix for the problem that works with jailbroken iPhones. If you’d prefer not to jailbreak, it turns out that the solution is right there in the App Store. An obscure clone of Twitter’s official app called Teewee offers a perfect reproduction of the app, without the Quickbar.

In some ways, Teewee is actually a little better than the official app. It has an autorefresh option which can be set as often as every minute, while it even has what hardcore Twitter users lovingly call “proper retweets”, something that Twitter has steadfastly refused to offer. There are four colour schemes to choose from.

Teewee is free to download and given its similarity to the official app, it’s probably best to download it as soon as possible in case it gets pulled.

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